Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bottled Water

I have purchased bottled water in the past (mostly for convenience and the bottles), but I may not be able to do so in the future after reading this website:

And I quote:

"“The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water.”

In Cary, NC, tap water costs about a penny per gallon. So that’s 1/8th of a cent per 16-ounce serving. The cheapest bottled water at BJ’s (a giant warehouse store with bulk pricing) is 15 cents per 16-ounce bottle. So bottled water costs 120 times more than tap water in the best case. If you pay $2 for a bottle of water at the airport, then bottled water is 1,600 times more expensive than tap water. And at the airport you drink from the drinking fountain for free.

Note that if you drink tap water at home, you also need to consider the cost of the cup or container, and the cost of cleaning the cup or container for reuse. So the 10,0000 estimate in infographic sounds high. But there can still be a pretty big difference in price between bottled water and tap water.

Penn & Teller (below) note that Americans spend $4 billion per year on bottled water."