Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shocking News

I started this blog a LONG while ago and then I promptly forgot about it.  I'm not sure what happened (life with two small children, maybe?).  I was on my Blogger account looking for another neglected blog that I needed to update with family events, and I stumbled onto this one.  I had forgotten it existed.  I had also not realized that there were people who have looked at this blog.  Recently.  Last month, it got 11 views.  This would be depressing news for a blog that was being updated fairly frequently, but I haven't posted anything new since 2011. 

All of this leads me to believe that *maybe* someone might want to read what I have to write.  That being said, I think I will update more frequently than bi-annually.  After all, a girl does have to live a little, right?

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