Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Car Selling

I am possibly thinking of selling the Prius to pay off all of the debt. We don't owe on the car, but it isn't in the best looking condition, and we are waiting on the claims department of another insurance company to repair damage done to it by one of their insurees (I have no idea what to call the guy who hit our car in the Walmart parking lot in November).

Selling it would pay off all of our debt instantly. But then we would need a reliable car and would have no money to purchase one. We could possibly use the upcoming tax return to purchase a car, but the amount of time that we would have in between purchasing a car and selling the Prius is sketchy.

This would benefit us in that the Hubby could quit his 2 extra jobs, and I wouldn't need to child sit.

And life would be PERFECT.


But it might be nicer and just a little bit easier.

I think this ease would be better than any car I could ever own.

More on this later.

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