Friday, February 19, 2010

Earning Your Stripes

So I was researching online for ways to up the income (and thereby up the outgo to Miss Mae), and I came across a few things that might work for our situation (yours may be different, so don't let the shortness of my list inhibit yours).

Drumroll please:

And they are:

1) Newspaper route

2) Garage Sale (although this will have to wait until Snowmageddon passes)

3) Telephone book delivery

4) Lawn cutting (see #2 for why this is not going to happen yet)

5) Sell things on Ebay. I all ready have things posted on Craigslist (C-List) for sale, but I haven't really used Ebay. I find the fees to be off-putting.

6) Put clothing on consignment. I haven't had much luck with this type of selling. Maybe I wasn't involved enough. Although it may be worth a try as every little bit helps.

7) Sell your services (i.e. time/effort/energy). Like housecleaning. Or organizing. Or proofreading. Or article writing. Or babysitting. Or car washing. Or errand running. Or dog walking. Or Pet/house sitting. Or you name it. My issue here has been finding a client base. I have posted ads on C-List that have received NO response. I figure I am not looking in the right place for customers, but I am unsure where the right place is. I also want to look out for whackos.

8) Sell items you have grown. See #2 and 4.

9) Sell items you have baked.

10) Splitting housing costs via looking for renters. Not exactly an ideal situation when you have a young child. And non-working friends.

11) Surveys/Rewards programs. These seem to rarely be worth the time they take to complete. The rewards programs are slightly valuable in that if you were all ready intending to purchase something, then getting your rewards back seems only right. It is not a good idea; however, to purchase something because it has a rewards program. Reward programs usually do not offer cash as an incentive, but if there is something they are offering that you would otherwise have to buy, then by all means...

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