Thursday, February 25, 2010

Never Buy Here Pay Here

I am owning my thoughts with this one, so bear with me.

Never use buy here pay here car lots. They rip you off. A couple of friends of mine purchased a car at one of these places today. They paid double the Blue Book value.

Also, if you are at all attempting to save money, do NOT visit a store/car lot. You will end up purchasing something one day. Maybe you don't do it the first time or even the third time. You will eventually buy something, whether or not you have the money.

Case in point: the pet store.

My husband and I (especially I) had a habit of visiting the local puppy store. We did not purchase anything for years.

Then... there was Tinker. We were "browsing" one day after a doctor's appointment when we picked up this adorable Chihuahua.

And then we dropped her.

Well, not we, HE dropped her. So now we own a sweet, beautiful chihuahua who doesn't like my husband.

At all.

Long story short, only go to stores when you intentionally plan on buying something. Because one day you will buy something, whether you planned on it or not.

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